10 types of emotions during pandemic

It’s been exactly a year since the pandemic took over the world and each of us are coping with the situation as best as we can! It’s okey, to feel shitty one day, trapped the other and above everything – motivated to do something in the third. We’ve all been there!
During this time I have noticed quite many emotions and feelings that people are having because of the lockdown, I tried to collect 10 of them, that seemed to be more common, and illustrated them in a fun and calm way, to depict this weird time we are trying to survive. Hoping to bring joy and fun for the viewers, especially because all we need is something positive and colourful!

Collection includes:

  • Head full of ideas
  • Felling cramped in four walls

  • Can’t take it anymore

  • Holding my breath when people get too close

  •  Distance? Finally! I never liked people anyways

  • Conquering the world without a queue

  • I’m the master of my urban jungle

  • Don’t know what day it is anymore